Kadarka Wine Bar

Kadarka is a lively wine bar inside Budapest's hopping Jewish Quarter. The place's moniker refers to a prominent red grape variety native to Hungary. Note that Kadarka isn't the type of uber-cool wine bar where you'll get to taste the latest natural wine or pet-nat sensation, but they do serve more than a hundred kinds of reliable Hungarian wines across the country's 22 wine regions. Despite being in a tourist-heavy area, Kadarka has remained a mainly local haunt, especially for 30-plus Hungarians, likely because prices haven’t shot through the roof and the service is kind and attentive.

If unsure, try Kolonics's juhfark (€5 per glass), a mineral-rich white varietal wine from the Somló region in northwestern Hungary, or Tüske Pincészet's kadarka (€3), not unlike a pinot noir. There's a full-service kitchen, but you're best off sticking to the vegetable (€9) or meat platters (€12) if you want some snacks with your wine. Note that Kadarka usually gets mobbed by people in the evenings, so reservations are a must.

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