Kadarka Wine Bar

Kadarka, whose moniker refers to the aromatic, pinot noir-like red grape varietal indigenous to Hungary, is a lively wine bar in Budapest's Jewish Quarter. Despite the tourist-heavy area, Kadarka has somehow remained a mainly local haunt, especially for 30-plus Hungarians. Perhaps this is because prices haven’t shot through the roof and the service is attentive.

Kadarka serves over 100 kinds of wines, all of them Hungarian. If unsure, try Kolonics's juhfark (€5 per glass), a white varietal from the Somló region in northwestern Hungary, or Tüske Pincészet's kadarka (€3). Wines are also available by the bottle, and also for purchase. There's a full-service kitchen, but you're best off sticking to the vegetable (€9) or meat platter (€12) if you want some food to accompany your wine. Note that Kadarka usually gets mobbed by people in the evenings, so reservations are a must.