What's Offbeat?

Parts of Budapest and Vienna have been transformed by mass tourism, making it difficult for visitors to discover the side of the city locals know, places they go to. Offbeat is here to help. It's a curated but not sanitized city guide, also featuring stories about food, wine, and architecture. Enjoy your stay!

About Me

Hi, everyone! I'm Tas Tóbiás, I was born and raised in Budapest and returned to the city in 2012 after nine years spent living in New York. I currently split my time between Budapest and Vienna. I occasionally also write for Eater, the National Geographic, and I've been featured in the New York Times. If you're interested in a private tour or need help with ideas for an upcoming trip, you can reach me at [email protected].

Supporting My Work

To remain unbiased, I never accept money in exchange for coverage, visit all places incognito, and pay for my own meals and drinks. But this means I must rely on readers to support my work. If you're enjoying Offbeat, please consider making a one-time payment (PayPal, Venmo) or becoming a Patron.