Öcsi étkezde, this tiny, lunch-only eatery in the seedier part of District 8 has flourished since 1981. The restaurant's success is mainly thanks to the owner-couple, Erzsi and Feri. Erzsi, the driving force behind the kitchen, occasionally pops in to the dining area with cilantro-covered hands to check with regulars whether they'd like a schnitzel to come with their lecsó, which is a Hungarian ratatouille. Feri, a comforting and still youthful presence despite pushing 60, sports a white lab coat and handsome features. He multitasks between taking orders, serving food, and chatting with customers, most of whom he knows by name.

The daily-changing, handwritten menu consists of cheap and reliably-prepared Hungarian classics, of which the made-to-order dishes ("frissensült") and the vegetable stews are usually the best. There's nothing trendy or inventive about Öcsi Étkezde, but if you feel like taking a break from downtown's cosmopolitan air and immersing yourself in the salt of the earth, working class ambiance of outer Józsefváros while eating tasty Hungarian food, it's hard to think of a better place than Öcsi Étkezde.