Looking for a wallet-friendly Viennese family restaurant where tourists rarely set foot? You won’t even need to walk far from the city center for Kolonitz Beisl, a deeply local eating and drinking joint in District 3. The inside is laid-back and cozy, fitted with a weathered bar counter and rustic wooden furnishings. Service is kind, the dishes very tasty.

Think lentil stew with pork cracklings and two voluminous dumplings; ham noodles (Schinkenfleckerl); schnitzel variations; Böhmische Palatschinken filled with plum jam (powidl) and poppy seeds. The customers include middle-aged Viennese intellectuals with a fondness for low-priced alcohol and a taste of home. With €10-15 mains, it’s your cheapest option for a sit-down meal in central Vienna. Cash and weekdays only!

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