Winklers Zum Posthorn

Zum Posthorn is a busy neighborhood restaurant in Vienna's District 3, run by the Winkler family (it's nice to see Winkler junior, in his late twenties, also being involved). Some of the weathered furnishings go back to 1870, but my favorite design piece is the giant wooden cupboard behind the bar. At all times, the small tables are filled to the brim by local regulars that may include the Austrian President, Alexander Van der Bellen, so be sure to book ahead (by phone).

Flavor-rich beef broth, plump liver dumplings, schnitzel, roasted veal kidney with mashed potatoes, pancake desserts – the whole range of Viennese classics proudly represent themselves. With €11-18 mains, prices are very reasonable for the city. Closed on the weekend!

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