Even by Central European standards, the food of Bohemia – in today’s Czech Republic – is heavy on carbs, which is another way of saying it’s delicious. Am Nordpol 3, located by Vienna’s Augarten, is a casual restaurant specializing in the knödel-forward dishes of this former Habsburg crown land.

Adventurous eaters should go with an all-dumpling meal: liver dumpling soup followed by meat-and-pork-crackling-filled dumplings with mixed sauerkraut on the side, and potato dumplings with sugary poppy seeds to finish. That's right.

Those not into dumplings: order a sausage, another Bohemian favorite (for inspiration, read Joseph Wechsberg’s essay on Prague sausage shops in Blue Trout and Black Truffles). It goes without saying that the beers flowing from the taps are also Bohemian; real Budweiser! Open every day of the week; €12-15 mains.

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