Gasthaus Buchecker & Sohn

Gasthaus Buchecker & Sohn is a traditional Viennese neighborhood restaurant, the kind where you don't find an open table most days. The family establishment is located in the old-money, upper-middle-class part of Vienna, behind the Karlskirche in District 4.

Buchecker’s claim to fame is offal dishes: baked and roasted veal liver; sour lungs and heart, baked brain with tartar sauce, sweetbread (if all this gets you salivating, consider the offal platter for two). Those not into intestines can find equally tasty treats. The beef broth with dumplings is among the best in Vienna, as is the schnitzel, be it pork, veal, or chicken. Please don’t leave without an order of Wuzinudeln, potato dumplings doused in butter and sugary poppy seeds. Mains are €15-20; reservations, by phone, a must. Open weekdays only!

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