Gastwirtschaft Blauensteiner

Gastwirtschaft Blauensteiner is a well-known neighborhood restaurant in Vienna's District 8, where the historic Josefstädter Straße sets off (across from it, Cafe Eiles, is another legendary establishment). As soon as you enter, you'll note the creaky floors and the well-earned patina in both of the high-ceilinged halls. Most of the heavy wooden tables are taken up by regulars, judging by their rapport with the otherwise not especially accommodating waiter.

My go-to starter is the pork in aspic (sülze), fully coated in red onions and doused in sunflower oil (this place is your best chance to convert your friends to this disappearing delicacy). The tender and moist egg dumplings (eiernockerl) are notably excellent, both with bright-tasting salad or as a side dish. I rarely leave without an order of chestnut-filled dumplings (maroniknödel). Mains are €13-18. Nota bene: excellent weekday lunch menu; also open on weekends; cash only!

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