Pékműhely 2

Pékműhely's motto — "all you need for a good bread is excellent flour, water, salt, sourdough, and a pinch of love" — neatly encapsulates the candid spirit of this unassuming bakery in Budapest, which has two additional locations apart from this one on Bartók Béla Avenue. Unlike other craft bakeries outfitted with trendy decor, here the focus is purely on the treasures of the oven.

Take the whole wheat bread, for example: the well-burnished crust yields to a tender, air pocket-filled interior, imparting the unmistakable tang of sourdough. It's surely one of the finest breads in Budapest. But best of all is the kakaós csiga. I know people who come from far away for this tiny but delicious chocolate roll (often spiked with sour cherries).

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