Artizán Bakery

Specializing in sourdough breads and morning pastries, Artizán is one of the leading craft bakeries in Budapest. Under the helm of Gergő Fekete, who honed his skills across Western Europe, Artizán in 2015 introduced a new standard of excellence in a city where dreary bakery chains and bland croissants are still the norm.

Artizán is the kind of place I admire: one foot steeped in local traditions, the other leaping forward and facing ahead. What this means in terms of the offerings: you’ll find here túrós batyu (buns filled with sweetened cottage cheese), kakaós csiga (chocolate rolls), Buchteln, which are wonderful yeast buns layered with túró and plum jam (so rarely seen these days in both Budapest and Vienna!), and long-fermented sourdough breads of wheat, spelt, barley, and rye.

At the same time, any cravings will be satisfied for cardamom buns bursting with red berries and vanilla custard (might just be the best thing they make), sweet and savory croissants, and all sorts of home-designed concoctions. Expect a line outside at all times – office workers, local residents, tourists – so try to go early for the best selections. Once here, be sure to glimpse the Art Nouveau masterpiece of Ödön Lechner across the street.

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