Artizán Bakery

Specializing in sourdough breads and morning pastries, Artizán is one of the top craft bakeries in Budapest. Under the helm of Gergő Fekete, who honed his skills in countries across Western Europe, Artizán has brought a new level of professionalism to a city where dreary bakery chains and bland croissants are still the standard.

They serve many kinds of long-fermented sourdough breads, including spelt and barley loaves, all fresh out of the oven. But best of all is the cardamom bun, a tender Scandinavian-inspired roll bursting with berries and vanilla custard. Being smack in the middle of the financial district, Artizán is usually mobbed by office workers so try to go early for the best selections. Unlike at other bakeries, there's plenty of seating here.

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