Little Italy Pizzeria

You step into Little Italy and an oversized image of Naples and the Mount Vesuvius face you from the opposite wall. Around it hang blue-and-white soccer scarves emblazoned with “solo Napoli” slogans and nearly all servers are Italian natives. But instead of being on the Tyrrhenian coast, this pizzeria hides in an indistinct Budapest neighborhood a bit outside the city center. Little Italy isn’t the type of place that appears on thematic toplists nor does it draw a trendy crowd, but it is the type of a place that gets mobbed by people who come here for delicious and affordable pizzas made with lightning speed by the Hungarian owner-chef, who spent years working in Naples.

Though I haven't tried all of the 42 types of pizzas, I can definitely vouch for the Casagrande (prosciutto, Italian salami, bacon, chili), the simple and flavorful bufala, and the namesake Little Italy (mozzarella, Italian sausage, cherry tomatoes). The pies fall somewhere between the Naples and the Roman styles. Italian beers are also available, and if you’re into Italian soccer, come here on the weekends to watch the games with fellow calcio fans. Note that Little Italy is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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