Little Italy Pizzeria

You step into Little Italy Pizzeria, and an oversized photo of Naples and the Mount Vesuvius will face you from the opposite wall. Around it hang a myriad of blue-and-white soccer scarves with “solo Napoli” signs. The waitstaff and much of the clientele consists of Italian natives. It really feels like being in a Neapolitan restaurant, but instead of the Tyrrhenian coast, this pizzeria is actually in an indistinct Budapest neighborhood, a bit outside the city center.

Little Italy isn’t the type of place that appears on thematic toplists—except for this one—or draws Budapest’s trendy crowd. But it is a place that gets mobbed with people in the evenings, who come here for delicious and affordable pizzas made with lightning speed by the Hungarian owner-chef, who spent years working in Naples.

Though I haven't tried all of the 42 types of pizzas, I enjoyed most the Casagrande (prosciutto, Italian salami, bacon, hot pepper; €6), the simple and flavorful bufala (€6), and the namesake Little Italy (mozzarella, Italian sausage, cherry tomatoes; €8). The pies are between a Naples and Roman-style, closer to the former. Italian beers are also available, and if you’re into Italian soccer, this is the place to watch the games with fellow calcio fans. Note: Little Italy is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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