MANU+ Pizza

MANU+ is the second branch of Pizza Manufaktura, a popular pizza joint near Corvinus University. The good news is that this one doesn't usually get as mobbed by people as the original venue, meaning that you won't have to wait longer than a few minutes before devouring a Naples-style pizza, which is what MANU+ specializes in.

Instead of the traditional wood-burning method, the pies are baked in a gas-fired oven, but nonetheless, they exhibit the signature signs of a good Neapolitan pizza: an airy crust speckled with leopard spots, and a soft dough blanketed with a few flavorful ingrendients. The best ones are the classic margherita (€5), and pizzicare (€7), which tops the margherita base with spicy salami and cherry tomatoes. Cash only!

There's also a time-travel element about visiting MANU+: The pizzeria is hidden inside the spooky courtyard of an 1852 building laid with wood blocks. Miklós Ybl designed the building, the same 19th-century starchitect who spearheaded the Hungarian State Opera and parts of the Buda Castle.