MANU+ Pizza

MANU+ is the second location of Pizza Manufaktura, a wildly popular pizza joint not far from here. It doesn't usually get as crowded as the original space, meaning that you won't have to wait longer than a few minutes before devouring a Naples-style pizza, which is what MANU+ specializes in. Instead of the traditional wood-burning method, they use a gas-fired oven but the result is all the same: airy crusts speckled with leopard spots and a soft center strewn with a few flavorful ingrendients. Try the classic margherita, or pizzicare, which tops the margherita base with spicy salami and cherry tomatoes.

There's also a time-travel element to visiting MANU+: The pizzeria is hidden inside the spooky courtyard of an 1852 building laid with wood blocks. Miklós Ybl designed the building, the same 19th-century starchitect who spearheaded the Hungarian State Opera and parts of the Buda Castle.

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