MANU+ Pizza

MANU+ is the sister location of Pizza Manufaktura, a wildly popular pizza joint just a few blocks away. The conceit is similar: serve delicious pizza from a space that feels emphatically cool and irreverent (dialed-up music, pizzaiolos bantering). The toppings, too, might be familiar – Paprika János appears, for example, named after the quirky puppet figure – but the focus here is Naples-style pizza.

The wood-burning oven imparts an airy crust speckled with leopard spots while a few flavorful ingredients sit in the moist and thin center. The classic margherita has never disappointed, but neither has anything else. If you'd like a local angle, opt for the Paprika János mentioned above, packing paprika sausage, hot green pepper, bacon, and onions. That's right.

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