Pizzica is a small pizza shop in Budapest specializing in pizza al taglio — the Roman rectangular-shaped slices that are cut with a scissor and usually taken to-go. The de Bartolomeo brothers, natives from Southern Italy, run this tiny takeout joint in District 6; on most days you'll find them sliding cast-iron pans in and out of an electric oven.

Pizzica uses a moist, high-gluten dough, which, after a long fermentation, rises into a chewy, focaccia-like texture interspersed with air pockets and boasting a crispy crust and a charred underbelly. The ever-changing toppings might include tomato sauce, mortadella, arugula, sausage, mushrooms, and truffles. They go for about €2 apiece, and two or three slices are perfectly enough. There’s a wooden bench outside and a few tables upstairs where Hungarian artworks adorn the walls, but most people usually just take their pizzas to go in Roman fashion.

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