Pizza Manufaktura

Pizza Manufaktura is a hip pizza shop in Budapest’s District 9. The place makes no secret about its coolness: hipster twentysomethings scurry between the counter while loud music pipes through the speakers. Their pizzas, made with an electric oven, fall between the Roman and the Neapolitan style: the crust is soft and doughy with some air pockets and charred spots, but the texture is firm enough to hold the slice in your hand.

I enjoyed most the Paprika János (€6), packing paprika-laced crispy sausage, bacon, tomato, and piquant green peppers. Another standout is Tükör (€6), incorporating a creamy, poached egg atop a tomato base with prosciutto, bacon, and mozzarella. The only letdown was the distractingly salty Della (€6).

Thanks to the wallet-friendly prices, students from the nearby Corvinus University tend to fill Pizza Manufaktura to capacity, so expect some wait at midday. A couple of local craft beers are available to help pass the time. Cash only!

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