Monori Center Hong Kong Büfé (港式茶餐厅)

Hong Kong Büfé is a small, decor-deprived eatery within Budapest's Chinatown (Monori Center) best known for its Chinese breakfast foods like cong you bing, congee, and youtiao, but they also serve excellent and wallet-friendly lunch dishes, too.

The highlights of the pan-Chinese menu are the slightly spicy and amazingly reviving Chongqing noodle soup (chong qing xiao mian), the stir-fried rice cakes with chicken (chao nian gao), and the twice-cooked pork belly (hui guo rou). The pork buns stacked behind the glass are ideal for snacking; as are the cooked chicken feet, if you're feeling adventurous.

Don't let Hong Kong Büfé's unpretentious, plain interior intimidate you. Similar to HeHe and Shandong, this place is immensely popular among local Chinese people, which is the only stamp of approval a Chinese restaurant really needs.

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