Dabao Jiaozi (大宝饺子)

There's near consensus within the local Chinese community that Dabao Jiaozi is the place to head to for home-style dumplings in Budapest — quite a statement in a city where more than 30,000 Chinese people live. Dabao makes Shandong-style dumplings, which means that the wrappers are a bit thicker and chewier. There's only two versions; both with a base filling of ground pork and shrimp, with one of them packing napa cabbage, the other shredded Chinese chives. I'm slightly in favor of the chive-version, but there isn't much of a flavor difference and they're both very good.

Located within Budapest's Chinatown, DaBao is mainly a takeout joint but there are some tables for sitdown customers. While waiting for your order, cast a glance at the kitchen where on most days you'll see a cheery group of Chinese ladies hunched over a mound of dough, flattening, stuffing, and folding it with incredible efficiency. An order comprises 15 pieces, which will easily appease the average appetite and only costs €5. Dabao also serves noodle soups, but you're mainly here for the dumpings.

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