Kiosk is a hip restaurant and cocktail bar in the heart of Budapest, favored by trendy locals and tourists. Kiosk has at least two things going for it: a stunning view of the Danube and the Elisabeth Bridge from its outdoor patio, and a dramatically high-ceilinged, industrial-chic interior. (The building houses a Roman Catholic high school upstairs, in fact, there's a chapel right above Kiosk.)

The restaurant aims to please all tastes with a diverse menu that includes everything from salads to burgers to pastas to steaks to Hungarian classics. Despite the wide reach, the dishes are tasty and reliable, although slightly overpriced by local standards. Desserts are especially good: don't miss the updated mákosguba, a traditional bread pudding soaked in vanilla custard and laced with poppy seeds. During the week, there's a three-course lunch prix fixe for €9. In the warmer months, follow the throngs to the outdoor terrace, which is where the action shifts to.

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