Három Holló

Amid downtown Budapest's overpriced tourist traps and dime a dozen “Irish pubs” hides Három Holló, a bar with an entirely different philosophy. Named after the favorite watering hole of Endre Ady, one of Hungary’s poet laureates from the early 20th century, Három Holló occupies a three-story space that fuses a bar with an exhibition space and a concert venue. On any given week, there might be a photography pop-up and a couple of contemporary jazz concerts here. (See their packed event calendar; note that they shut down for the summer.)

Most of the patrons are musically-inclined, left-wing intellectuals from Budapest. Don’t be surprised, though, if Teutonic chatter fills the high-ceilinged space as one of the owners is a German expat. I only wish they'd work a bit more on the decor — softer lighting and denser furnishings would extract more charm from the historical interior.

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