Founded by the legendary Budapest restaurateur, Hans van Vliet, Jedermann is a snug, all-inviting café and restaurant for all to enjoy (hence "Jedermann," which translates to "everyone"). On any given day, tables might be filled with senior citizens fiercely debating Hungarian politics, students gossiping over a cup of coffee, and a theater director mapping out upcoming projects with the staff. Jedermann is buried on a quiet part of District 9, not far from the city center but away from the throngs clogging the party district.

Jazz is the central theme here: jazz posters drape the walls, jazz is playing in the background, and there are live jazz performances on Friday and Saturday evenings (booking via text message: +36 30 4063617; the place fills up quickly; no concerts during the summer). The food isn't going to blow your mind, but the low-priced breakfast dishes, the savory French toast (bundáskenyér), and the hearty goulash soup are perfectly satisfying. A selection of Hungarian wines are available, too.

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