Helmed by seasoned Japanese sushi chef, Yoshihito Hirose, Kicsi Japán is a tiny Japanese counter service restaurant in Corvin negyed, a bit outside the city center in Budapest’s District 9. For this shoe-box sized space, the food offerings are notably wide: There’s everything from donburi (rice bowls) to Japanese snacks like karaage and takoyaki and also raw fish including nigiri sushi, chirashi bowls, and sashimi (€10).

Given the space limitations, not everything is made to order and I’ve had unexciting gyoza and takoyaki here. Come for the sushi and the fish-based rice bowls instead. Sushi is only available on weekday evenings and during the weekends. They’re especially good when Mr. Hirose prepares them himself (he goes back and forth between this and another restaurant location he oversees).

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