Gerlóczy is a snug café and restaurant tucked away in an unusually quiet pocket of Budapest's downtown. The tiny plaza outside Gerlóczy, surrounded by elegant pre-war buildings, conjures images of a Paris backstreet. Perhaps this is why the interior exudes French bistro vibes, complete with small round tables, leather banquettes, and a high ceiling. In the warm months, Gerlóczy's outdoor terrace is especially enjoyable (whenever the local municipality isn't using this precious space for construction equipment storage).

In the mornings, there are reliable pan-European breakfast staples like a pair of frankfurters with a side of mustard (€5), omelettes (€5), and quiche (€6). Be sure to also order a bread basket, which contains warm and crusty slices. The dinner menu is a hodgepodge of dishes including everything from a goulash soup (€6) to beef stew (€13), seafood pasta (€9), and filet mignon (€18).

If you enjoy the ambiance, note that Gerlóczy also operates a boutique hotel on the upstairs floors.