Freyja - the croissant story

A small hipster paradise, Freyja bakery brings a pocket of East Williamsburg to Budapest complete with tattooed bakers, bearded baristas, and the obligatory minimalist design elements. And, unfortunately, prices too.

Freyja's specialty is croissants, which are among the best you'll find in Budapest. They're rich and flaky and buttery and wonderful. Every three months, Freyja rotates the fillings, but you might find things like pistachio cream, marzipan, and raspberry among the options. A couple of savory stuffings are also available. There's new-wave coffee and space to sit down and stay.

Freya also delivers its croissants to coffee shops across Budapest, so if their bakery in the outer District 7 is too far for you, try Espresso Embassy or Dorado instead.

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