Vienna’s döner game was raised to a new level with the 2022 opening of Ferhat. Inspired by Turkey's top vendors, proprietor Ferhat Yildirim believes a true döner kebab is about the beef and the bread, without sauces masking the inherent flavors. The meat, for example, is sourced from a Steiermark farmer.

After you order, an employee will shave paper-thin slices of crispy and juicy flesh off the rotisseriea with a giant sword-like knife, then toss them onto a thin flatbread (lavash) that had just come off the open oven before you. Dürüms (wraps), sandwiches, and platters are all available. Ferhat is located in the heart of Vienna's multiethnic District 10 and the lively Viktor Adler market is just around corner and also worth seeing.

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