Edlmoser Weingut & Heuriger

If the well-known Heurigers of Vienna’s District 19 in Grinzing and Nussdorf feel overly touristy, I suggest you head to Mauer on the other side of town. Here hides the charming Heuriger of Michael Edlmoser, a leading Viennese winemaker.

Edlmoser himself is among the servers who slalom through the crowd with tender pork belly slices, Liptauer and creamy egg spreads, or apple and cottage cheese strudels in hand. And of course wines. Start with his classic Wiener Gemischter Satz, then move on to the Rieslings, among the best in Austria. Be sure to check the opening hours – asg’steckt – as they’re open for two-week intervals at a time.

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