Opened in 1924, Dommayer is a neighborhood institution in the upscale Hietzing, within walking distance of the Habsburg summer palace (Schönbrunn). Don’t let the crystal chandeliers and suit-and-tie wearing waiters intimidate you; as with other Viennese cafés, this place is less pretentious than it looks.

The crowd consists of elderly locals who wind down here with the paper, an apple strudel, or a chocolate mousse, and well-informed visitors recharging their batteries after a Schönbrunn visit. Dommayer is owned by Oberlaa, an upscale pastry chain, which means that tortes and confections are on point. Nearby attractions include Adolf Loos's pioneering residential houses – the Scheu and the Steiner Haus – and the Hietzing Cemetery, with the tombs of Gustav Klimt and Otto Wagner.

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