Buja Disznó(k)

Buja Disznó(k) is a food stall on the upper deck of the historic Hold Street Market in downtown Budapest. Over the past few years, this market has transformed into a gourmet food court, where local celebrity chefs operate fast casual restaurants. The culinary mission of Buja Disznó(k) is simple enough: serve delicious, made-to-order pork schnitzels. Hungarians have grown so fond of this breaded cutlet, which originates in northern Italy, not Austria, that schnitzels have become nothing less than a national dish alongside the goulash soup and the chicken paprikash.

Be sure to arrive with an empty stomach otherwise the odds of you finishing this oversized and wonderfully crispy pork loin, served with a side of cold potato salad (€7), are not in your favor. For the fullest experience, sit at the long communal table elbow-to-elbow with local office workers who somehow think this massive hunk of fried meat is an appropriate workday lunch. Note that Buja Disznó(k) is open for lunch only. If the line is too long, visit A Séf utcája, a few doors down from here and run by the same executive chef, Lajos Bíró.

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