Sommer Cukrászda (Szív utca)

Sommer is far from the top pastry shops in the city, but if you’re curious to experience an old-school, typical confectionery in Budapest, then head to this decor-deprived neighborhood favorite. The place is located a bit outside the city center but easily reachable by foot. Sommer serves an unusually wide range of dependable classic Hungarian and Jewish-Hungarian pastries, including a Dobos and Esterházy torte, and also less commonly seen treats like a Rákóczi túrós, which is an apricot jam and meringue-topped sweet cottage cheese tart. Prices are wallet friendly — the cakes run less than a couple of euros each.

There are also strudels, savory biscuits like pogácsa, and one of my favorites, sajtos roló, a tube-shaped baked pastry filled with cream cheese. If you go in the winter, try the bejgli, sweet rolls filled with ground poppy seeds and ground walnuts that are popular during Christmas. For the full experience, eat your cake at the outdoor or the upstairs tables.

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