Strudel Hugó

If the endless throngs filling downtown’s Strudel House put you off, go to Strudel Hugó instead, which gives any strudel shop in Budapest a run for its money. Strudel Hugó, which is located on the far end of the Jewish Quarter and whose moniker pays hommage to modernist Hungarian painter Hugó Scheiber, quickly established itself as a favorite haunt of strudel fans when it opened in 2017.

There are classic and also unconventional strudels here, both sweet and savory. Of the latter, the broccoli, bacon, cream cheese version is an absolute must that no one should miss. If sweet strudels are more your speed, go for the cottage cheese (túró), the chestnut-raspberry, or the cherry-chocolate fillings. The strudels run €1.5 apiece, and two to three pieces make for a satisfying dessert. Note that there are only a few seats inside, but you can take your order to go, as most people do.

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