Strudel House

Strudel House is located on a tourist-saturated downtown street, but if you’d like to try some of the top strudels in Budapest there’s no escaping fellow visitors. Strudels evolved from the baklava that were introduced in Hungary during its occupation by Ottoman Turkey and spread across Central Europe. In Austria, the apple strudel became a national treasure.

At Strudel House, you can watch a dedicated baker freshly prepare the paper-thin strudel dough in an open kitchen right before you. I usually get one with a mixed filling of sweet cottage cheese (túró) and apricots. Unique to Hungary is the savory cabbage strudel (káposztás rétes), which tastes much better than it sounds. Strudels run a few euros apiece, and a couple of them make for a perfectly satisfying dessert. You can also take some to go, as many locals do.

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