Auguszt Downtown (Kossuth Lajos Str.)

Auguszt is a renowned family-owned confectionery in Budapest dating back to 1870 and currently helmed by the fifth generation. Although their Buda location is considered to be the crown jewel, this downtown venue, on Kossuth Lajos Street, is more conveniently located and also more comfortable, featuring plush banquettes, floor-to-ceiling windows, and cute nooks and crannies on the upstairs floor.

You’ll find traditional Hungarian cakes and sweets here, including a Dobos and an Esterházy torte, krémes, isler, and marzipan figurines. There are modern pastries for fans of chocolate mousse, and also sugar and lactose-free options. Note that unlike other downtown pastry shops, Auguszt is less overrun by tourists, attracting a mainly local crowd. They're closed on Sundays.

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