Ruszwurm Confectionery

Perched atop Budapest’s Castle Hill, Ruszwurm is the oldest existing pastry shop in the city. Since its opening in 1827, the place has attracted an enviable cast of customers, most notably Empress Sissi, wife of Habsburg Emperor Franz Joseph (Ruszwurm was nationalized during the communist era but continued to operate as a confectionery). You’re here for the historic air, the adorable — and landmark-protected — cherry wood furnishings, and most of all the krémes, a vanilla custard cake to which all others in Budapest pale in comparison. During the colder months, also order a creamy hot chocolate topped with whipped cream. Prices are surprisingly reasonable for the area.

Being a historic place near the tourist-heavy Matthias Church means that Ruszwurm is packed with foreigners at all times, but some locals, mainly senior citizens from the neighborhood, also come here.

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