Meinklang Hofladen

Meinklang is best known as a pioneer of natural wines, but the Burgenland-based family winery is more like an integrated agricultural farm: they raise cattle (Angus), pigs (Mangalica), chicken, and grow their own crops on hundreds of hectares of land near the Austria-Hungary border. To bring their bounty of nature closer to well-off, urban consumers, in 2022 the Michlits family opened a polished restaurant decked out in warm wood on Vienna's charming Margaretenstraße in District 5.

Here, nearly everything comes straight from Meinklang's Demeter-certified biodynamic farm: wines, sausages, eggs, meats, fresh and pickled veggies. There's even a bakery on the premises serving myriad types of delicious sourdough breads and morning pastries made from wheat, rye, oat, millet, and barley.

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