DON DOKO DON Japan Bistro

Most Japanese restaurants in Budapest serve higher-end fare like sushi, even though local Hungarian tastes and wallets are more compatible with simpler dishes. Perhaps this is what Mr. Tomoki and his wife, a young couple from Tokyo, thought when in 2018 they opened DON DOKO DON, Budapest’s first donburi restaurant. It's a small, counter-service place with a few tables, located near the city center.

Donburis are simple rice bowls topped with meats, vegetables, and a sweet-and-savory broth made from dashi, soy sauce, and mirin. In Japan, they're a popular midday meal for busy office workers, and also a common hangover cure. At DON DOKO DON, go for the gyudon, the classic beef bowl with onions (€5); if you kindly request "tsuyudaku," they will add extra broth. There's also a pork belly don (kakuni; €5), and weekly specials like curry donburi. Pair your dons with a miso soup (€1) and, on Fridays and Saturday, a Japanese pork bun (nikuman; €1). I only wish they added a few additional options to the menu like oyakodon, the delicious chicken-and-egg rice bowl.