HILDA is a chic downtown restaurant fitted with stained glass mosaics and Art Nouveau Zsolnay ceramic tiles, the same brand that decorates the Four Seasons around the corner from here. The seasonal menu consists of tasty and beautifully plated Hungarian classics updated by the talented hand of Chef Renátó Kovács and his team. You'll usually find dishes with mangalica, the heritage Hungarian pig known for its marbled meat, smoked trout, and stews made from ripe vegetables.

With €20-30 mains, HILDA is pricey, but here your conscience can be clear that ingredients come from top local producers who farm sustainably. With snug, dim corners, it's also an ideal venue for a special date night fortified by local wines, including sweets and dries from Hungary's most famous region, Tokaj. Before you leave, take a glimpse at the limestone tiger perched atop the main entrance – those vigilant eyes have been guarding the building since 1840.

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