HILDA is a chic downtown restaurant lining the increasingly fashionable Nádor Street, an area that has come to life as a growing number of tourists and international students from the nearby Central European University pass through. HILDA boasts curb appeal and an Instagrammable interior, featuring an oversized stained glass mosaic that covers one of the walls in its entirety and glazed Zsolnay ceramic tiles, the same brand that decorates the lobby of the Four Seasons around the corner from here.

The menu consists of Hungarian dishes like a goulash soup (€6) and a chicken paprikash (€13), but chef Mátyás Igaz, who honed his skills in France, puts a new spin on these classics and plates them beautifully. Also look out for the seasonal specialties which might include a bone-in pork chop made from mangalitsa — the heritage Hungarian pig known for its marbled meat — and served with flavorful polenta (€20). On weekend mornings, HILDA offers a range of on-trend breakfast foods of which you shouldn't miss the creamy croque madame (€8). Breakfast is available until noon on Saturdays, and 3 p.m. on Sundays. Before you leave, take a glimpse at the limestone tiger perched atop the main entrance — those vigilant eyes have been guarding the building since 1840.

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