HILDA is a chic downtown restaurant with curb appeal: the eye-catching inside features an oversized stained glass mosaic that covers one of the walls in its entirety, and glazed Zsolnay ceramic tiles, the same brand that decorates the lobby of the Four Seasons around the corner from here.

The menu consists of flavorful and beautifully plated Hungarian classics such as a goulash soup and chicken paprikash. Chef Renátó Kovács puts small spins on these classics, of which the highlight is the mangalitsa pork chop — made from the heritage Hungarian pig known for its marbled meat. With €15-17 mains, HILDA isn't cheap, but the restaurant is known to source ingredients from premium local producers who farm responsibly.

The wine list consists of local options, including many producers from the Tokaj wine region. Before you leave, take a glimpse at the limestone tiger perched atop the main entrance — those vigilant eyes have been guarding the building since 1840.

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