Curious about the top restaurants on the less traveled side of the Danube? Visit Bobo in Rózsadomb, an exclusive residential area but reachable within ten minutes from Pest. The restaurant's stated mission is to draw Budapest's Bobos (a term made popular David Brook's book, "Bobos in Paradise"), referring to people who harbor both bourgeois and bohemian sentiments. The restaurant is inside a beautifully refurbished 1885 estate, once the playground of the Hungarian aristocracy. The slightly formal vibes and steep price points — mains range €12-16 — put Bobo a step above Budapest's chic bistros, but it’s also more casual than hushed fine dining venues.

The short menu draws inspiration from dishes that were once popular in Budapest and Vienna during the Austro Hungarian Empire, featuring things like goulash soup, schnitzel, and freshwater pike-perch (fogas), all plated delicately and served on white linen. I most enjoyed the generously portioned foie gras enclosed in thin wafers and paired with an unctuous cornelian cherry jam (€11). Both the schnitzel (€16) and the veal paprikash (€14) are among the best you'll find in Budapest. The best way to complete your meal here is with the plum jam-filled yeast buns (szilvás bukta), which pair especially well with a glass of Tokaj wine.

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