If you find yourself in a place with live gypsy music in Budapest, chances are you're in a tourist trap — overpriced downtown restaurants tend to hire gypsy bands to fabricate “Hungarian vibes” for unsuspecting tourists. But if you’re curious to listen to a gypsy band in a less formulaic setting, head to Giero, a tiny, below-ground bar tucked away on a District 6 backstreet.

Giero opened in 1990 and it's named after the late father of Gizi, the loquacious, big-hearted, ever-present proprietor. Don’t let the neglected interior hold you back — and watch your head as you descend the stairs — and you might be in for a special experience. The band usually starts at 10 p.m., performing both local classics and international evergreens. There's wallet-friendly beers, pálinka, and Unicum to lift the mood; be sure to buy a round for the band members, too. Closed on Sundays.

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