Don’t be deceived by the unusual and puritan furnishings – a taxidermied cow’s head here, a Virgin Mary painting there – Gasthaus Wolf is a popular neighborhood restaurant in Vienna’s elegant inner-District 4. The dishes, which are meat-heavy, are consistently excellent. Spreadable pork fat with rye, roasted discs of blood sausage (blunzenradl) with bean salad, beef tartare, three kinds of schnitzel, knödels, slow-cooked duck layered with braised red cabbage. The wine list is local and very well curated, featuring many top producers (Weninger, Uwe Schiefer). Mains are €17-23.

Of the two wood-paneled halls, the dining room is in the rear. The front is reserved for customers who stick to beers and wine, as signaled by the rustic tables stripped of tablecloths. Things can get loud and lively; it’s here that you might fall into a conversation with a retired tennis professional or the local gentleman who dropped in with his cavapoo for a night cap. Note that Wolf is closed on the weekend!

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