It’s a challenge to find true-to-Vienna traditional Austrian restaurants in the tourist-saturated downtown (District 1), which makes the existence of Gasthaus Pöschl, hidden just blocks away from Kärntner Straße, all the more precious. Yes, some tourists also stumble in here, but you’ll notice the lively banter between the kind waitstaff and the longtime regulars (“Christian Gihl, from 6 p.m.” shows a small brass plate bolted onto the bar counter).

The inside is small, cozy, and cramped, with wood paneling evoking traditional Austrian eateries. But the food is more elevated and flavorful than the informal decor would indicate. The specialty of the house is manyfold; you’ll not regret ordering the flavorful beef broth soup (rindsuppe), the deceptively simple-sounding rice and meat combo (Reisfleisch), the crispy and juicy schnitzel, the mushroom ravioli (Steinpilzeravioli), the caramelized Kaiserschmarrn, and the feather-light Topfenknödel. Pair them with local wines and beer and be sure to book ahead. €15-25 mains. Advance booking by phone is a must.

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