Costes Restaurant (Ráday Street)

In 2010, Costes Ráday was the first restaurant in Hungary to earn a Michelin star and the establishment still carries a special cachet. The six-course tasting menu is inspired from near and far and includes a couple of memorable dishes. One of them is the slices of celery root molded in the shape of a ravioli and filled with a flavorful spread of stracciatella cheese and smoked eggplant. Each crunchy bite calls for another. Also delicious is the tender black cod served in a saffron-laced, piquant lobster sauce, and the “duck trio” plate in which three treasured cuts of the game bird arrive with a savory Hungarian pinot noir, if you opt in for the wine pairing.

The tasting menu runs €120 per person (€185 with wine). Note that the restaurant is open only Friday through Monday. While Costes Ráday offers a perfectly satisfying fine dining experience, I prefer its sister location in downtown (Costes Downtown), also with a Michelin star, which inhabits a friendlier venue and serves a more focused meal.

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