Time stopped sometime around 1960 at Cafe am Heumarkt and I'm still not sure whether despite or because of this am I such a fan of this place. It’s always very calm and pleasant here: people playing cards, shooting pool, chatting quietly in a corner. The cozy booths are draped in red artificial leather whose decades-old scars are patched up with inordinate black tapes (a few broken springs here and there).

The two no-nonsense servers, who are wonderfully old school and also the owners, have created an intimate, almost family-like atmosphere. Orders might be called out from the other side of the room. The daily specials are delicious – soups especially – and it was here that I had the best plate of cabbage noodles of my life (Krautfleckerl!). Hint: If you like Cafe Weidinger, you’ll like this place, too. Weekdays only!

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