Bosnyák téri hentes

This butcher shop (hentes in Hungarian) at the entrance of the Bosnyák Market is hardly the best sausage vendor in Budapest, but if a truly, deeply local experience is what you’re after, I can’t think of a better place. You'll need to trek out to Zugló, a residential neighborhood a bit outside the city center, but think of it as part of the experience. Come out here on a Saturday morning, when the farmers' market is bursting with locals and fresh produce. Once you’ve explored the market, drop by the hentes, right next to the main entrance, for a juicy, ready-made meat dish.

The specialty here is the roasted pork knuckles; they’re perfectly browned with a crispy skin that yields to a soft meat inside. All you need is a dollop of mustard and a thick slice of bread for this rustic lunch treat that will only set you back €3. Don't wait for one of the high-top tables to clear; instead, make it a communal meal by standing elbow-to-elbow with locals.

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