Törökméz is a charmingly hip restaurant perched on Rózsadomb, the verdant hill on the Buda side of the Danube. They specialize in breakfast foods that are inspired from all around the world: there's everthing from huevos rancheros to acai bowl to avocado toast to Cuban sandwich to English breakfast (all €7-9). If you'd prefer something more native to Hungary, go for the snappy frankfurters, or the bundáskenyér, a savory French toast. Local wines are also available. Being on the Buda side, away from the tourist-heavy areas, means that Törökméz draws a mainly local crowd.

Once here, it's worth climbing up to the impressive tomb of Gül Baba, located not far from Törökméz. Gül Baba was a muslim monk who died in 1541 during the city's Ottoman occupation and today his resting place is scenic and tranquil area with sweeping views of Budapest.

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