The Buda side of the city has begun to catch up to Pest when it comes to having chic, new-wave breakfast joints. New wave? The kinds of places that cater to global tastes with dishes that wouldn’t seem out of place anywhere from Sydney to San Francisco: avocado toast, eggs Benedict, pancake, granola bowl, and the like.

There’s nothing memorable about Cinnamon’s all-day breakfast dishes, but they’re perfectly satisfying. The avocado toast arrives topped with smoked salmon on a soft, open-faced ciabatta (€8). Also good are the omelettes, and the pair of snappy frankfurters with a side of mustard (€5), a typical Central European morning dish. Of the breakfast pastries, I went for the cinnamon-dusted donut, and it delivered: a thin layer of sugar-cinnamon coating yielded to a soft inside lined with apple custard (€2).

In the mornings, throngs of slick local office workers swarm to Cinnamon's tables, or drop by to get their coffee fix, so a short wait is not unusual during peak breakfast hours. By lunch-time, tourists tend to emerge for a sleepy breakfast.

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