Három Tarka Macska Bakery

Három Tarka Macska is a fashionable bakery in the heart of Újlipótváros, a well-off residential area north of the Parliament building. Step inside, and a paradise of aromatic and still-steaming sourdough, whole wheat, and rye breads, brioches, and rolls in all shapes and sizes accost you. The two must-try local standouts are the túrós batyu (a sweet-tart cottage cheese-filled laminated pastry) and the kakaós csiga (a snail-shaped chocolate pastry roll).

While mainly a takeout bakery, omelets and freshly made sandwiches are also available for a sit-down meal. Customers are a cross-section of the local residents, comprising snazzy Millennials, families with young children, and moneyed senior citizens with purebred dogs by their sides.

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