Szamos Gourmet House

Szamos is a well-known family-owned pastry shop operating more than a dozen locations across Budapest. This one, on Vörösmarty tér, is right in the heart of Budapest‘s downtown, inside an elegant, high-ceilinged space. If you need to take a breather from sightseeing, it’s an ideal stop for coffee and sweets. You’re here for the light and creamy krémes and also the tortes, of which the szatmári plum cake and the Sacher are especially tasty.

But don't skimp on the marzipans — Szamos started as an artisan marzipan producer and there’s an entire counter here dedicated to figurines all of shapes and sizes. (The company even has a marzipan museum in Szentendre, the small town outside Budapest where the family empire hails from.)

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