Prime Steak & Wine Budapest

Prime is a steakhouse in downtown Budapest that's on par with the top steakhouses around the world, not only in quality, but, unfortunately, also in price. They serve imported premium meats from the United States, Australia, and Argentina, including Prime-grade Black Angus and Wagyu. In addition, you can also try a Hungarian beef, from grey cattle, but it pales in comparison with the imported ones.

Prime serves strictly the best cuts: ribeye/tomahawk, top sirloin, porterhouse/T-bone, and filet mignon. Their specialty is the filet mignon, which accounts for most of the options at lunchtime as the other types are only part of the dinner menu. Order a perfectly creamy and garlicky spinach as a side dish. For wine, you can choose from 200 bottles of premium, mainly Hungarian wines.

The setting is formal, but the dim lighting helps to create a more relaxed, intimate atmosphere that's best enjoyed during the evening. You can nurse a drink at the cocktail bar, which serves as the centerpiece of the space, if you need to wait for your table.