Pozsonyi Kisvendéglő

For an unpretentious traditional Hungarian meal, leave behind the tourist-heavy streets of downtown and head to Pozsonyi Kisvendéglő inside the residential Újlipótváros neighborhood. Red-and-white checkered tablecloths and an exhaustive menu spanning across soups, stews, ready-made dishes, and noodle desserts will await you at this wildly popular neighborhood restaurant.

Note that the food here is average at best. It's the old-school vibes and the low prices that draw most people to Pozsonyi Kisvendéglő — if you come from downtown, the price points will be an especially welcome surprise. Many of the more than a hundred dishes on the menu riff on the same classics. The hearty goulash (€3) sports a crimson hue thanks to the generous paprika seasoning, which is also true for the paprikash and pörkölt stews (€6). Round out your meal with the cottage cheese layered dumplings (túrógombóc), or Gundel palacsinta, a Hungarian crepe blanketed in chocolate sauce and filled with ground walnuts. Reservations are recommended, particularly to the outdoor tables in the summertime.

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