When the hunger for inexpensive Hungarian food hits while you’re in downtown, Tüköry restaurant is one of your best bets. Opened in 1958, Tüköry serves reasonably priced local classics in an adorably weathered space fitted with wooden booths and red-and-white checkered tablecloths.

Tüköry is far from the top restaurants in Budapest but the beef stew (pörkölt, €6), the made-to-order schnitzel-dishes (frissensültek; €6), and the Hungarian crepes (palacsinta; €3) are unlikely to disappoint. Especially at the price points, which are are meaningfully below the neighborhood average. Patrons are a mix of tourists and locals from the area. On weekdays, office workers swarm the place for the two-course lunch prix fixe (€5). Hungarian wines, beers, and pálinka are also available.

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