Trust me, the address is accurate - persist in your search and you will be handsomely rewarded. Pótkulcs is a hidden local bar nestled inside a former light engineering workshop in Budapest's District 6. It’s worth walking around this mostly working class neighborhood to appreciate the extent to which Budapest's once grand housing stock was left to decay during communism and, in areas like this, even after that (in downtown, many buildings have recently been refurbished).

Once you find the nondescript entrance, proceed through Pótkulcs' expansive, leefy patio to its art-laden interior. Attached to the main building is a cavernous performance hall with a vaulted ceiling, fossball tables, and plenty of live music (lots of Hungarian folk music - see the schedule). Pótkulcs' positively gritty and intimate setting makes it a popular place for locals with a flair for bohemian vibes. They also serves better-than-average bar food that's available every evening except on Sundays. During the warmer months, the action shifts to the outdoor patio.