Szatyor Bar

Filled with a bizarre collection of colorful furniture, Szatyor Bar looks like your typical ruin bar, but it's actually different from those swarming Budapest's party district on the other side of the Danube. This being Buda, instead of scruffy students sipping low-priced beers, Szatyor draws a slightly older crowd where shirts and skirts outnumber hoodies and backpacks. Duck confit and sous-vide venison leg are rarely part of the ruin bar culinary repertoire, but here, you'll find them alongside pricey craft beers.

This updated ruin bar is situated on the fashionable Bartók Béla Boulevard in District 11, where middle-class Buda residents like to unwind in the evenings. Attached to Szatyor Bar is a classically furnished café, Hadik, once a legendary haunt of Hungarian bohemian writers and poets. It shuttered after WWII but sprung back to life in 2010 after a long hiatus.

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